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While Astræ is relatively a new identity and/or concept created to deliver their music, Astræ is an artist, producer, and songwriter based in Malaysia who has been into music production for the past 14 years. Growing up in an unknown environment, they have been pushed to strive to be the best, which does come with its effects as a child. 

Astræ has been craving for an escape from reality and music was able to give them that much needed escape. This became the ‘aha’ moment as they have always wanted to make music for just about anyone looking for a release from harsh reality of everyday life. 

You can expect to hear an inclusion of genre ranging from hip-hop, R&B, South Indian instruments, and alternative genres. Astræ’s sound can be imagined as spacey and mellowed tones. Cultivating from strong South Indian culture and heavy influences from their Southeast Asian roots, their music was influenced by South Indian musicians. 

In addition, being born in the 90s, there were undeniable American Pop culture and music influences, too. A good mixture of the best of both worlds, with a touch of personalization has shaped Astræ. Their latest single, One Call Away gives the listeners an insight of what can be expected from their future releases.

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An Exclusive Studio Performance

One Call Away (Unplugged) - Astræ | An Exclusive Live Studio Performance supported by MyCreative Ventures and The Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia.

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Astrael Records is a one-stop production house for your Audio and Video production needs. Every project is unique, and we want creative minds to be free in expressing their ideas to us. Our aim is to turn your creative vision into a reality. Our team houses a wide range of brilliant creative capabilities with the mindset of achieving the same goal.

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No matter small or large, we are excited to work with from different industries as this gives us the learn and expose our production team and our interns on how production techniques and approaches are different in various industry sectors.

We would love to work and collaborate with creative individuals and groups, locally and globally, in fulfilling their creative needs to help them achieve their success. We are working towards becoming a leading homegrown and independent production house in the next 5 years with the ability to cater to the needs of clientele worldwide.

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